Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dyeing Yarn with Madder


  1. Just found your blog- so inspiring - thank you so much for all the lovely images and instruction, very helpful.

  2. So kind, thank you! I'm afraid I haven't had the time or money to continue with it for some time now but comments like yours make me want to try again.

  3. Kate I think you have so much talent and have so much knowledge to give to others. Have you looked into raising money to create an online book on dyeing with natural dyes? I'd be your first customer!

  4. I just found your blog today. It's still in the top Google results for "Natural dyes for wool".

    I've found it wonderfully informative, entertaining, and helpful. I'm sad to see you haven't had time or money to continue, but I'd like to encourage you.

    You could take contributions through Patreon: I also know of at least one blog that's entirely funded by their Amazon Associates link.

    I think you have a wonderful resource here, and I'd love to see you return to it.

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