Friday, 29 March 2013

Look What I Bought Today!

This beauty is a Werra camera, I believe made in Germany in the 40s or 50s. I bought it from the bookshop that I volunteer for so I still need to do some research. I think I know how to use it up to a point, it's making all the right clicky noises and the shutter is opening and closing so I think it's working! We'll have to see when I get the first film back.

I also bought a Canon (EOS 300) SLR yesterday, I'll post some photos up of that soon. It's nowhere near as pretty but I think much more functional. It helps that it's not as old (possibly 90s?) so looks very similar to a modern DSLR.

This sticker on the top looks a bit manky...I'm not sure whether to remove it or not because I think it's interesting. But since the writing is mostly illegible I think I'll probably clean it off.

The part of the case which covers the lense is a bit kaput too, but I think I can probably glue it back together easily enough.


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